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47, Great Moor Street

Bolton BL1 1SW

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R.Allen Footwear holds one of the largest variety of stocks for wide fitting shoes in the UK.

Our shoes have been designed specifically to meet the needs of people with wide or swollen feet. Over four generations, we have developed our knowledge and stock varieties to accomodate everyones needs and tastes.


When people talk about the “width” of a shoe they are actually talking about the combination of side to side (tread width) and height (depth of toe box) measurements. Variations in either of these parameters is possible.


Comfort starts with the correct fitting in terms of length, width and toe depth. A shoe should not be too tight or too loose. To ensure that you select the correct fitting at R.Allen Footweat we have fully trained shoe measuring staff who will establish your exact size to get you the comfort your require from your feet


It is because our wide fitting shoes are available in so many fittings that it is possible for you to get the correct fitting shoe for you in terms of length, width and depth. That’s why R.Allen Footwear in Bolton are “The perfect fit for wider feet”.