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47, Great Moor Street

Bolton BL1 1SW

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Thank you for taking the time to take a brief look into the history of the shoe shop and its owners throughout the years.

My name is Daniel Clifford Haslam and I’m a 4th generation shoe factor. I now manage the day to day running of our family businesses at its current location in the heart of Bolton town centre, where it has operated as a shoe shop since Roy Allen opened it in 1949.

Roy Allen ran the shop up until 1988, when he retired. It was at this point when my father bought the business from him. They offered to buy the shop to prevent the town from losing yet another traditional shoe shop from the high street.

The company was started in 1919, by Thomas Harold Haslam (my great grandfather), passed down to his son, Thomas Clifford Haslam (my grandfather) and is currently owned by Thomas Howard Haslam and his brother Richard Stuart Haslam (my father and uncle respectively)

T. H. Haslam & Company is now a 4th generation family run business, and we are immensely proud of our long family history in footwear. We supplied traditional shoe shops across the north of Britain, operating as a wholesale company before we came into the retail sector with R. Allen’s shoe shop.


Foot health: it’s What we do!

Since I came into our family business in 2009 I have diversified away from predominantly standard fitting footwear with a small selection of wider fittings. Now, we are a leading specialist in the north west when it comes to wider fitting footwear. We keep in stock width fittings from the standard fitting of D up to maximum of 8E in ladies and gents’ shoes from either E – H or EE - 8E, dependent on the manufacturer.

Our feet are one of the hardest working parts of our body and we walk miles in our lifetime. All the downwards force from our body, as we walk, run and stand, is exerted through our feet. So, if our feet aren’t comfortable it can limit our day to day activities severely.

We specialise in the measuring and fitting of a variety of wide fitting shoes, and accommodating all kinds of medically related foot issues. This includes but is not limited to excessive swelling, arthritic pain, hammer toes, bunions, plantar fasciitis, naturally wide feet and the fitting of orthotic bio-mechanic insoles into supportive footwear. Although most of these foot conditions are only curable only by extensive surgery and/ or medication, we aim to make the foot as comfortable as possible. We manage this by supplying you with a quality, correct fitting pair of shoes.



A common misconception is that, in order to increase the width of a shoe, you must increase the length, this is not only wrong but you can severely damage your feet by doing this.

However, we do understand that there are many people who see no other choice than to buy bigger sized shoe as there seems to be no other option left for them. It is often thought as a “quick fix” to buy longer shoes to gain increased width, rather than keeping your correct length and simply increasing the width of the shoe.

By offering a variation of width fittings within the same styles, means that the customer is not limited to just a small selection of shoes that might accommodate their foot size and width. It means that we are able to offer a large selection of styles to suit customers with both smaller narrower feet, and the same styles to those with longer wider feet.


Our stock

We go to great lengths to ensure that our shop is stocked with a huge variety of styles for you to choose from. But if for any reason we do not have your size or fitting, in a specific shoe, we are able to order them in to the store for you to try. Because of our special relationship with our suppliers we’re able to obtain the styles you desire from them without taking a deposit or making you commit to buy the shoes. If for any reason your unhappy with the stock when it arrives we can return the shoes to the manufacturer. This will help ensure each individual customer gets the shoes they want without the worry of having to buy the shoes before you have seen them.



We will always spend as much time as needed to get the best fit for your feet, it is never too much trouble as your comfort is our upmost priority. We will always do our best advise you on what would be best suited to you, for your specific issues.